Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our Vision

Our Academy aims at preparing the future generation to face the challenge of a dynamic world order.Great Emphasisis laid on character building imbibing democratic and secular values of Indian Culture.

Organizational Objectives:

  • To impart quality education of a high standard to all, irrespective of caste, creed or color.
  • To foster International Understanding and brotherhood through a broad based progressive educational programme.
  • To sensitize children to the need of maintaining enviromental purity and ecologicalharmony.
  • To provide sound training in leadership cooperatiion,team spirit and to cultivate humanistic and scientfic temper.
  • To give a secure, stable environment with flexibility for individual growth during student life.
  • Structured and clear guidelines, within which students speak up, find their voice, learn to express and exercise freedom in a responsible manner.
  • An academically challenging, student-centered instruction, which will be imparted by a team of caring, committed teachers, enriched and extended to prepare students for high school, college and also their future life.
  • A global work ethic firmly grounded in Indian traditions, which will lead to a ’think global act local’ scenario for our students.
  • Attention to individual student needs, balanced with an emphasis on the value of challenge and fostering of self-reliance as students grow and mature.
  • Teacher Empowerment to ensure a culture of learning and fostering talent in the field of education.
  • Parent Involvement to ensure optimum development of the child.