Class Room

The Early Years Of A Student’s Life Are, Invariably, The Most Crucial Ones. They Constitute The Golden Period When A Student Can Make Or Break His/her Career. When It Comes To Laying The Foundation Stone For Your Child’s Future, It’s Not Just Mental Peace That Counts; Physical Surroundings Also Play A Key Role In Shaping His/her Outlook Towards Life In General. Classrooms Are Spacious, Centrally Air Conditioned And Have Lighting Arrangements As Per International Standards. We Ensure Our Students Get Classrooms That Are Not Only Spacious And Airy, But Also Subject Based. The Number Of Students In Each Class Is Restricted, So That The Teachers Give Individual Attention To Each Student. Aesthetically Designed Furniture Has Been Provided In Each Classroom, Keeping In Mind The Comfort Of The Child. Each Classroom Of Pre-school And Pre-primary Has A Different Color Scheme.


A Synthetic Basketball court, Cricket nets, Volleyball and Throwb ball courts are available. The sports infrastructure supports five a side Football and Hockey fields. Primus has a full-fledged Indoor Sports complex for Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics & Yoga.


The school has a well-stocked library but the library will not be reduced to a go down of books as it often does. Many activities are organized at the library to cultivate an avid interest in books among young minds.

Computer Lab

Computer Science will be a compulsory subject in the school. Computer labs will offer a lot of scope for all children to acquire hands – on training. The School has a well developed computer centre with first-rate machines. Top-notch IT facilities allow students to surf the internet. Instructors and faculty members are available to help students to learn and use computer extensively for their learning. It is fully equipped to provide child friendly activities through interesting software. Each child has his/her own work station to practice. Computer education begins right from Nursery and goes up to class XII. In the lower classes, computers will also be used as a means to learn other subjects. The Computer labs will also facilitate senior students to acquire programming skills.


he school has well equipped, State Of The Art Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science which are put to good use by students of all grades Pursuit of science is enriching and fulfilling only if it is hands on. The students need space for high energy questioning, discussions and experimentation under strict supervision. The older students need a quiet environment for precision perfect experiments, which require concentration and practice. It is difficult to provide both environments in the same space! Therefore, the School will have separate science laboratories for students upto grade 8 and for students above grade 8. Thus conflicting requirements of both the juniors and seniors are met. Both the juniors and seniors will have Science and Computer laboratories.

School Bus Transport

Parents who wish to avail the School Bus transport please register your Child’s name and pay the requisite fee so that we can arrange for the logistics of the same. The Transport facility is on a first come first serve and payment is charged on term basis irrespective of date of starting of transport.School bus facility available areas will be covered under Entire Nagar Mahapalika or Any other area where number of student are more.